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Refrigeration Technology

Refrigeration division is an division that provide all type of refrigeration cleaning products for your air-condition system. It is tested and verified effective for your air-conditioning system and is not harmful to your system.

 Products list as follow:

 A. Condenser and Evaporator Coil Cleaner

  1. E+ - Non Rinsing Evaporator Coil Cleaner
• Unscented   • Neutral pH
• Non Toxic   • VOC Compliant
• Biodegradable   • Safe for all metals
• Contains natural deodorizers      
  2. Carbonex 1 - Condenser coil cleaner with fragrance smell
• No Corrosive Mist   • Fast action and economical
• Dilute up to 30 parts of water   • Fragrance smell after applying
• Effective removal dirt, soil, carbon and grease deposits, corrosion
  3. Double Duty - Multipurpose oil degreaser
• Soil Removal and Dispersion   • Degreases Oily Surfaces
• Effective at Dilutions above 20:1   • Biodegradable
• Non Toxic   • Neutral pH
• No VOC      

 B. Drain Pan Treatment

  1. Clean & Clear - Gel type that can cling on evaporator coil as well
• Drain Pan treatment   • No VOC, HAPs or TAC
• Removes Slime, Sludge, and algae   • Excellent cling to horizontal or vertical
• Spray Bottle for easy apply      
  2. New KURISLIME S - Tablet type slime control agent for drain line
  3. Drain Through
• A product to clear the drain pipe choke up with gelly and slime. It is an immediate effect after apply directly into the pipeline.

 C. Leak Detector

  1. Big Blu - Detecting micro gas leakage down to 0.65 ounces per year
• Micro Leak Detector   • Non-Toxic, Non Corrosive
• Biodegradable   • Oxygen Safe
• Spray Bottle for easy apply      
  2. Brush On Blu - Contain telescopic dauber for easy application on reachable places
• Micro Leak Detector   • Non-Toxic, Non Corrosive
• Biodegradable   • Oxygen Safe
• Spray Bottle for easy apply      

 D. Anti Algae Tablet

  1. A-100 - Very convenience and effective type of anti-algae for any pond or fountain water
  2. Kurisour pack Multi 30 - It is a compact 3 in 1 cooling tower treatment product. It come with a innovative design so that easy to apply

 E. Others

  1. Oasis 301 - It is a special ALKALINE product for condenser flushing. Very effective for slime, sludge and fouling inside the condenser system
  2. Kuritex B-7111 - Acid type descaler for condenser water system

We also have others products that anti-rusty on the piping system, control of Brown Water inside the pipe line and etc.

Carbonex 1
Viper - Super Foaming Aerosol Coil Degreaser
E+ - Non Rising Evaporator Coil Cleaner
Clean & Clear
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