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Boiler Water Treatment

For Effective Water Treatment
Raw water contains scale-forming ion components such as calcium, magnesium and silica, and corrosion causing ion components such as dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide etc. These components may precipitate as scale on inner walls of boiler or cause corrosion. This will reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler and can cause bursting of boiler tubes.
Oasis's chemicals effectively cope with these problems and thereby ensures safety operation, saving energy and economical operation of your boiler.

Boiler Compounds

Boiler compounds have two functions : preventing scale formation and adjusting pH of boiler water to inhibit corrosion. Oasis prepares many kinds of BOILER COMPOUNDS for selection of the most suitable treatment according to your boiler operation condition.

Oxygen Scavenger
Oxygen scavenger is a chemical which removes dissolved oxygen in water by a reduction reaction, and thereby inhibits corrosion caused by the oxygen. Oasis prepares various types of oxygen scavengers based on hydrazine, sulfite, glucose, etc.

Corrosion Inhibitor For Condensate Lines

From the view point of saving energy, attention to condensate recovery shall be considered. The corrosion inhibitor for condensate lines become necessary.
Volatile amines are typically used as corrosion inhibitor by controlling the condensate pH. Thus, total iron from condensate water will be reduced and condensate recovery rate could be increased. Oasis prepares corrosion inhibitor using food additive grade materials, so even at food industries or hospitals, saving energy by condensate recovery becomes possible.

Scale problem without treatment
Clean condition with using Oasis's chemicals
Scale Problem in evaporation tube
Corrosion Problem in condensate line
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