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Seal Stic
Pipe Leaks / Seal Stic
Quick Cure Steel Epoxy
A hand-moldable steel filled epoxy with industrial strength. SEAL STIC fill holes and cracks, bonds and repairs almost everything.
Useful for sealing & bonding Safe for drinking water
Ready to use Works underwater
Repairs in 20 minutes Does not crack, shrink or pull away
High mechanical strength Non-toxic & solvent-free
Can be drill and tap, filed or painted after cured Withstand temperature up to 150C
Filling up pipe threading Sealing pipe flanges
Sealing holes in pipe Filling cracks on surface
Filling up gaps Filling up holes in wall
Fill holes on metal surface Fill pitting on pipes

Seal Stic is used for :

  • Material build-up

  • Fillings for cracks or holes

  • Underwater repairs

  • Protective barriers & resistance against abrasion

  • Protection against chemical attacks

Seal Stic is used in :

  • Many industries including
    (Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Offshore, Chemical, Marine, Power Generation, Building & Facilities Management, Water distribution, Wastewater, Manufacturing plants, Industrial processing, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper, Military, Agricultural, Food processing)

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