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Side Stream Filtration System
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Cooling Water Treatment / Side Stream Filtration System
Why Side Stream Filter?
Save Energy Save Water!
Use filtration to minimize suspended solids in the system will reduce potential fouling that may results corrosion and loss of efficiency at heat exchanger.
Optimize the effectiveness of water treatment programs
Reduce biofouling and health risks
Save Water
Minimize maintenance & downtime
Maximize equipment life
ROI typically 8-12 months

Why To Use A 0.45 Micron High-Efficiency Vortisand Side Stream Filtration System?
All heating and cooling systems should be thoroughly cleaned. The greatest enemies to seal assemblies of any configuration are magnetic iron, silica, and other solids in suspension, especially if their size is in the 1 to 10-micron range
Paul J. Mallar, Manager
ITT Bell & Gossett,
Maintaining Heating and Cooling System Pumps,
Maintenance Technology Magazine, May 1988.

Chilled Water Filtration - Iron Removal
43 ppm Iron removed after only 56 days Improved Chemical Efficiency

How To Install Vortisand Filtration System?
Alternate Water Loop - Filter can be used on both open and closed loop systems. Primary filtration on cooling tower loop and secondary (alternate) filtration on closed loop when required.
Basin to Basin - Sump water intake and return. Our high efficiency design reduces the need for sweeper piping in tower sumps.

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